The Gaming Month Ahead – June 2016


The headlining game this month was supposed to be No Man’s Sky, but that’s been delayed to August. So instead we’re left with a lot of lesser known titles, some of which I know very little about. I suppose the replacement headliner then is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Catalyst is a reboot of Mirror’s Edge Universe, keeping the same protagonist and world, but changing events and everything else. It’s still about free-running, but its going for a slightly more open free-running experience – rather than aiming for the orange bits.

While technically last month, Witcher 3’s final expansion, Blood and Wine released right at the tail end of May, so it’s worthy of a mention here. Blood and Wine gives players a brand new area and a final run of playing as the white wolf himself. the expansion has made very good impressions so far and is a worthy send off for the Witcher series and Geralt. Much has been made of the fact that Witcher 3 was the last Witcher game and if that turns out to be the case, it’s good to know that it’s going off on a high.

Capcom again releases a shooter nobody asked for – Umbrella Corps is a multiplayer shooter with Zombies and monsters roaming around to cause havoc. While it can’t possibly be as bad as Operation Raccoon City, it also doesn’t have the draw of trying to fill in gaps in the story between previous Resident Evils. No one really cares about the Resident Evil universe as a stand-alone entity beyond Resident Evil 4. I get the feeling this game is going to be dead on arrival.

Technomancer looks great and interesting, but games from Spiders tend to look a lot better than they are. Then again, they have been getting better. Bound By Flame was a competent enough action RPG and in many ways I enjoyed it a lot more than I did Dragon Age Inquisition.

31st May

  • Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (PC/PS4/XBone)

1st June

  • Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PC)
  • Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PC)

3rd June

  • Anima: Gate of Memories (PS4)
  • One Piece: Burning Blood (PS4/Vita)

7th June

  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (WiiU)
  • Paragon (PC/PS4)

9th June

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PC/PS4/XBone)

10th June

  • Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)

10th June

  • Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (PS4/Vita)
  • Farming 2017: The Simulation (PC/PS4/XBone)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- (PS4/PS3)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (PC/PS4/XBone)

16th June

  • Tour de France 2016 (PS4/XBone)

17th June

  • Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival (PS4)
  • Grand Kingdom (PS4/Vita)
  • Valentino Rossi The Game (PS4/XBone)
  • Mike The Knight and The Great Gallop (3DS)

21st June

  • Deadlight: Director’s Cut (PC/PS4/XBone)
  • Mighty No. 9 (PS4/PS3/XBone/X360/WiiU)
  • Umbrella Corps (PS4)

24th June

  • Heart&Slash (PS4)
  • Mighty No. 9 (PS4)
  • Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS4/PS3/Vita)
  • OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition (PS4)
  • Super Meat Boy (PS4)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (WiiU)
  • Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (PS4)

28th June

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PC/PS4/PS3/Vita/XBone/X360/3DS/WiiU)
  • The Technomancer (PC/PS4/Xbone)
  • Zero Time Dilemma (Vita/3DS)

Playstation Plus:

Entering PS Plus: 7th June

Leaving PS Plus: 7th June



 Xbox Games with Gold

Entering Games with Gold

  • Goat Simulator (XBone)
  • The Crew (June 16th to July 15th) (Xbone)
  • Super Meat Boy (June 1st to 15th) (X360)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (June 16th to 30th) (X360)

Leaving Games with Gold

  • Defence Grid 2 (XBone)
  • Costume Quest 2 (May 16th to June 15th) (XBone)
  • Peggle (May 16th to May 31st) X360

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