Games of 2015 – The Disappointing Ten


These aren’t necessarily bad games, but they are disappointments. They’ve been played to varying amounts – some I completed (probably grudgingly so) and others I played an hour or more before giving up. So, here we go – in kind of increasingly disappointing order.

10 – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Platform – PC Steam

Like I said – MGSV is not a bad game; but for me it’s not a very Metal Gear game either. The story is pretty awful and doesn’t really bridge the gap between Peacewalker and Metal Gear until the last five minutes. The open world doesn’t do the game any favours – it takes the sandboxes introduced in MGS4 and waters them down. Ground Zeroes had the right kind of size – it didn’t have acres of barren brush land. Mother Base is a huge annoyance – I would love to have Peacewalker’s menu based approach to base management instead of spending five minutes driving between sections of the base. They didn’t even think to allow you to walk around with comrades and have banter make the base more interesting.
Quiet may have been one of the more interesting characters, but she’s totally ruined by the need for her to sprawl around half naked. In previous Metal Gear’s the vouyerism aspect was always optional. Spying on Meryl, kissing locker pin-ups, trying to look up skirts etc – but Quiet is very much part of the story, and very much in your face.

09 – Halo 5: Guardians

Platform – Xbox One

Halo 5’s worst crime is length; it’s a very short game. It’s second crime is how little the game feels like Halo. It’s not a bad campaign – but it’s not a very interesting story and the team-mechanics don’t do the gameplay any favours.

08 – Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Platform: PC Steam

Playing Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition highlighted for me all the reason why DmC is the best game in the series. The locations here barely hold together, the story is awful, the characters are awful, there’s some really bad platforming and reusing of enviroments and bosses. It was nice to be able to play through as different characters – but the base game that the special Edition is based on, isn’t great.

07 – Life is Strange

Platform – PC Steam

Lots of people liked Life is Strange. After the first two episodes I was left wondering what the hell I was playing. It’s not a visual novel, it’s not an adventure game, it’s not a puzzle game. Its just a story that ends up being too concerned with its rather mundane plotline to deal with the whole time-travel and sci-fi aspects. Yes, there’s a lot of touching friendship stuff, but it’s hard to get invested when much of that is forced on the player, rather than built up.

06 – Mad Max

Platform – PC Steam

I played a few hours of Mad Max. It ticks all the boxes as far as open world gameplay goes, but everything else about it felt way too empty to care. It honestly felt like someone had sucked out all the personality and soul out of the game.

05 – Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries

Platform – PC Steam

I backed this on Kickstarter. It looked okay, but the monologuing fell flat, the platforming was horrendous and the melee combat had no sense of feedback.

04 – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Platform – PC Steam

Another one I only played a few hours of. A billion proper nouns, not particularly engrossing characters and gameplay that felt servicable at best. It might have gotten better, but I had enough better things to play to spend time trying to like this. This was certainly no Final Fantasy.

03 – Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Platform – PlayStation Vita

A vita title; from the sound of it, it seemed like something that would be really great. A dungeon-crawling turn-based JPRG where you control a clan with short-lifespans. Offspring are supposed to carry the accumulated traits of their parent and the god they are merged with. Sounded good, turned out to have a fairly ho-hum story that focused on some completly other character outside of your clan. Gameplay quickly became about trudging through the same few dungeons and hoping for good loot.

02 – Saints Row: Gat outta Hell

Platform – PC Steam

I expected a lot more out of this. I’ve always enjoyed Saints Row and the DLC’s were generally great fun. Gat outta hell instead gives us a fairly boring down-sized version of the normal game. it’s very by-the-numbers and also drops the customisation that made the Saints Row series so great. The powers aren’t even that much better than what had been used in the past.

01 – The Order: 1886

Platform- PlayStation 4

This looked great…sorry, this looks fantastic. But graphics aren’t everything, and nothing else about this game is fantastic. Gameplay is by-the-numbers cover shooter stuff (complete with turret sections), quick-time events, dull wereworlf encounters and a really short story that’s just setting stuff up for a sequel that will probably never happen.

Well that’s it. Hopefully there will be less disappointing games this year…but I doubt it. I hope everyone has a happy new gaming year.


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