EGX Report 2014 – Overview


So that’s another Eurogamer Expo done – thankfully this year was a marked improvement. There was some queuing to be done, but thankfully most people were busy waiting for Call of Duty, Assassin’s creed or Far Cry 4, leaving the rest of the floor relatively easy to navigate. There were one or two games that I ended up avoiding after looking at the queues. Elite Dangerous, Oculus Rift and Dragon Age Inquisition‘s multiplayer had queues that required over a good hour’s waiting time. Inquisition in particular I was told I’d have to wait two and a half hours. Sod that!
I didn’t get very close to the other two, but the mutliplayer in Dragon Age Inquisition looked fairly interesting. Looking somewhat like a dungeon instance from an MMO, the game mode had players fulfilling various objectives while moving from area to area. It was somewhat nice to see the text “you must gather your party before venturing forth” – I wonder how many of the original Baldur’s Gate crew are actually still around at BioWare though.

PlayStation 4 largely dominated the event and I spent much of my time in Sony’s own tent areas where they had lots of third party titles available to play. In fact, thinking back, I think I only played on the PS4. I observed some stuff in the Microsoft and Nintendo dedicated areas, but Sony seemed to be all-pervasive in this event. To start with I’ll give a quick rundown and impressions of the games that I looked at, but didn’t play. I had a quick waltz through the Nintendo area; Hyrule Warriors looked like a great musou title. People seemed to be having fun with it and it captured the colour of the Zelda verse quite well. Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS looked shockingly similar to the PSP titles of olden days. I figure the reason Capcom switched platforms was so that they could get away with not making any huge improvements. The Xbox area was a bit of a mess – from the outside all I could see was people queuing and lots of Forza. From the first floor, looking down, I could see Quantum Break – which looked pretty much as it did at the last reveal. It looks like fairly competent third person shooter; it’s going to take the story to make it into something greater. Sunset Overdrive was there…somewhere, but I didn’t get a chance to see or play it.

Little Big Planet 3 looked quite depressingly similar to Little Big Planet 1 and 2. Yes, they’ve added new characters, but it really does look like little more than an expansion. If you’ve liked LBP in the past, that may not be an issue – playing it in 1080 may be enough of a draw for some. I watched people play Drive Club, Project Cars, Forza Horizon 2 and The Crew. Unfortunately, all I can say about them is that they are car games. They look shiny, have pretty decent environments and go vrooom often.

Dying Light looked very polished – it had good view distance and the parkour seemed to fit in well with the melee zombie killing. Mortal Kombat X also looked pretty crisp – though it largely looked like a cosmetic improvement over the last Mortal Kombat. Considering how well done Netherealms’s story modes are though, I doubt that will bother many fans. Like Soul Calibur of old, Mortal Kombat always seems to have enough content to make each entry a worthy addition…usually.
Alien Isolation I watched, could have played, but didn’t really feel like it in the end. It’s a great big game of hide and seek with the titular Alien; but it didn’t really seem that creepy. The interface, which highlighted level challenges (like don’t use the motion tracker) did a good job of breaking any immersion. They really needed to go for a Dead Space kind of integrated look to everything. Also the when you watch the alien walking around on two legs, it looks like an idiot. It should have always remained crouched and obscure.


Next post I’ll highlight the games that I played and actually enjoyed 🙂



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