Gaming Month Ahead – May 2013


With spring in full swing and the Easter period out of the way you’d expect a gradual slow down in the number of titles releasing; if anything, the number of interesting titles seems to be up from last month. Starting strong we have Farcry: Blood Dragon – the crazy 80’s inspired far-cry spin off starring Sergeant Rex ‘Power’ Colt (seriously, that’s his name) and dragons that shoot laser beams! (How can it not be good with stuff like that!?)

Vita’s lone, but big name title is Soul Sacrifice – a rather Dark Souls style take on the Monster Hunter formula with sorcerers sacrificing their humanity in search of greater power. There’s an enormous demo on PSN (that’s in terms of length rather than GB) that’s worth a look if you want to know what the game plays like. I had a go and thought it was a fairly solid game. Wasn’t too taken with the graphics, but it had some interesting ideas certainly.

The oft-delayed Persona 4 Arena finally comes out. Surely you’ve all played and finished Persona 4 Golden now right? (right!?) Well Persona 4 Arena is a sequel to Persona 4. It mixes the 1 on 1 fighting stylings of BlazBlue with the RPG story that Persona is known for. In essence it offers a fighting game that will hopefully offer solo players a little more bang for their buck.

The end of the month sees Resident Evil: Revelations emerge. Resident Evil as a series has seen better days. Resi 6 all but put the final nail in the series coffin. But Revelations, as a spin off did a fair bit better than 6 – and stayed a little closer to the series survival horror stylings (well as much as Resi 5 did I guess). For those hugely disappointed with Resi 6 (That’s everyone) this should prove to be somewhat of a remedy.

Metro: Last Light is another major title releasing around the middle of the month. It looks great and atmospheric. But to be honest I never progressed past the opening scene of the first Metro. This was mostly down to the absolute rubbish feel of the guns and enemy hit reactions. If this is sorted there’s certainly enough here to warrant a play.

Finally I should point out Mars: War Logs. It was due for this month on PC …but it’s already come out quite suddenly on steam. Silly name, I know, but it looks damned interesting. PSN/XBLA versions are due sometime later this summer. It has the look of a far more expensive title than it is – coupled with some great sounding RPG mechanics giving it a Red Faction/Mass Effect vibe. Take a look at the video of you’re not convinced.

All right fine – there aren’t that many more games in May, okay?


  • Farcry: Blood Dragon (PSN/XBLA)


  • Soul Sacrifice (Vita)


  • Battle Vs. Chess (DS/PSP)
  • Persona 4 Arena (PS3/X360)


  • Mars: War Logs (PC) (already released)
  • Crash Time 5: Undercove r(PS3
  • Metro: Last Light (PC/PS3/X360)
  • Sniper Elite V2 (Wii U)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (3DS)


  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (X360)


  • Fast and Furious: Showdown (PS3/X360/WiiU/3DS)
  • Resident Evil: Revelations (PC/PS3/X360/WiiU)
  • Stardrive (PC)
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS)


  • Eador: Masters of the Broken World (PC)
  • Fuse (PS3/X360)
  • GRID 2 (PC/PS3/X360)
  • Painkiller: Hell and Damnation (PS3/X360)
  • Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm (PC)
  • Secret Agent Files (3DS)

Sometime in May

  • Brothers a Tale of Two Sons (PSN/XBLA)

There’s a few games there I am tempted to check out. Nothing must buy, but Revelations and Persona 4 Arena are the kind of games I’m bound to buy sooner or later.


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