Wrecked – Revenge Revisited (PSN/XBLA) Mini-Review


Micromachines, Circuit Breakers, Mashed, Mashed: Fully Loaded – for people who remember those games the arrival of Wrecked: Revenge Revisited couldn’t have come soon enough. While on the surface this game almost appears like a HD remake of Mashed, it does offer some new things while keeping core mechanics in place.

Let’s start with the scarce – there isn’t much of a single player component. This isn’t a huge problem as even with Circuit Breakers and Mashed, single player was just there to unlock multiplayer content and I’m sure most people were content with simply using the cheat codes to unlock everything anyway (I know me and my friends did). The Single Player here is simply a series of challenges on each track with different conditions. It’s entertaining enough, but won’t last particularly long. Leaderboards are there to provide those of a competitive nature a little more boost as well.

The Multiplayer is the main meat of this game though, and while it does support online play, where it really excels is local four player. Circuit Breakers and Mashed were both made in the era before online play – where you had to buy a multi-tap for your PSOne or PS2 and get into a huge tangle of wires. This was before Xbox Live came along and ruined everything (Just kidding, but really I’m not…yeah I am) and you had to sit in the same room as those you were playing with. Wrecked harkens back to that era – and while a lot of reviewers believe it belongs back in the past, believe it or not, there are still people (friends if you will) that get together and enjoy games together, rather than sit in their respective living rooms complaining that their headset isn’t working.

Wrecked brings back the weapons, the tracks (the Polar Wharf track even makes the transition without change) the airstrikes, but it layers it all with a variety of customisation options. Don’t like a weapon, you can remove it from the selection list so that it doesn’t appear. Cars can also be customised with paint jobs and livery, with more options unlockable through the challenges. While online frame rate and lag can cause some problems, local play doesn’t suffer nearly as much, delivering the very best in car combat/racing fun.

I really can’t stress how much better Supersonic is that the competitors at local play. Motorstorm RC and a number of other PSN titles try to ape the formula of Micromachines, Circuit Breakers and Mashed, but only Supersonic seem to have the secret ingredient. Whether it’s the specific weapons, the handling or the track design, this game has it all correct.


Wrecked is available on XBL and PSN for around a tenner. There is also DLC available adding a few more tracks and challenges for each new track. These include the classic highway track from Mashed, so it’s well worth it!



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