The Gaming Month Ahead – August a.k.a Human Revolution!


That’s right – it’s officially a game drought. Also known as catch up time. Last month was pretty slim pickings anyway, this month is famine worthy. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is pretty much the major release this August. Most annoyingly it also comes out right at the end of the month, leaving a barren gap until then. On the one hand this is good news – as it means we all have time now to finish Witcher 2 (your all playing that of course – and if not, you should be ashamed and go buy it…and a decent PC if you don’t already have one) – but it also means it comes out a short gap from September’s releases which include the likes of Resistence 3, Warhammer: Space Marine and Fifa 12.

Deus Ex is looking to be a great way to round off the summer. Offering RPG elements in a solid shooter shell – much like Mass Effect did a while back, but with the emphasis more on the shooting here. It’s already gotten a 95% review from PC Gamer and we’ll see closer to release if it holds up critically to what it looked like in the trailers.

Other releases this month include Arcana Heart and a Rugby Title…that is all.


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  1. Davekma says:

    You just reminded me that I have Deus Ex on Pre-order from Amazon, had completely forgotten about that, Cheers 🙂

    September/October/November is going to be brutal on the wallet :/ As much as I’m telling myself I only want a few games, I know that’s not going to be how it ends up.

    1. valaysir says:

      I agree, the end of the year is going to be eeeevil!

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