Dynasty Warriors 7 – Impressions


Well I’ve had it since Friday morning, what do I think of it? I think it’s bloody amazing. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s like they made a sequel to Dynasty Warriors 3 (see my retrospective to see how much I loved that). The combat system has been streamlined – all the unnecessary 9-hit combo’s from 5, the renbu and Musou overcharge are all gone. Instead we get character specific proficiencies and the good old Square to Triangle combos. 

The presentation of the game is brilliant – well done cutscenes, descriptive narrative and for the first time since DW3, they’re sticking a lot closer to the original story. The Voice Overs still sadly lack the option of Japanese voices, but thankfully the bland voices of DW6 are gone and replaced by the far more caricatured VO’s seen in previous DW’s. The difficulty is also back – Hard mode is almost to challenging to start off on and Normal feels just right. While normal enemies are still a walk over – if you try to mindlessly button bash, you’re gonna lose the war. Enemy generals are tough, friendly generals can hold their own and the musou specials have been shortened to be used far more often.

I really can’t praise this game enough – the campaign mode is slick, authentic and fairly lengthy and the Conquest mode let’s you battle to your heart’s content with unlocked characters.  As Destructoid pointed out in their review the only thing missing is a free mode – it’s not a major fault and hopefully something that may be rectified with DLC later. Until then – I’ve got a country to conquer…again!


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