Countdown to Dynasty Warriors 7 – Part Five


Where it all went wrong – Dynasty Warriors 6. The supposed first next-gen entry. This was supposed to be something only possible on PS3 and X360 and was subsequently released on PS2 later. Low detail graphics, a simpler combo system (you could mash square to infinity and had a single combo on triangle to interrupt with), a much smaller roster (only 15 characters and some clones among those too) and a story as far removed from the original text as possible. DW6 was every DW fans nightmare – it was becoming what reviewers said it was – bland, repetitive and uninspired. Even the additions of swimming and climbing ladders did little to endear this to players hearts. I may be demonising DW6 more than is fair – but it helps understand exactly the kind of hopes that are riding on DW7.

There have been many other games along the way in the Warriors series. Samurai Warriors focused the action on the warring states period of Japan. Warriors Orochi was an enormous mash up of both Dynasty and Samurai series characters in one game – the roster for that title was unbeleivably huge! And Dynasty Warriors Gundam brought the action of the warriors series to the anime mobile suits of Gundam. The formula for DW has always been the same – but to be honest, we the fans wouldn’t want it any other way. Tomorrow Dynasty Warriors 7 comes out – and I can’t bloody wait!


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