Countdown to Dynasty Warriors 7 – Part Two

2000 and the PS2 was launched to one of the most stellar launch line ups in gaming. Hidden away among the other brand new titles like SSX and Timesplitters was Dynasty Warriors 2. I’ll admit, if me and my friends hadn’t seen this running and tried it out on GAME’s midnight launch it would have been totally overlooked by myself. As it was the enormous battlefield gameplay, snazzy cut-away cameras for special moves and thousands of enemies to kill had me hooked and as well as setting the basic button layout that so many hack and slash games now use, it had created a new genre. This wasn’t a simple hack and slash game – it was about armies clashing; and while you were still the principle spearhead of any attack, it meant you always had allies pushing foward and fighting at your side (providing you didn’t run straight for the enemy commander). Dynasty Warriors 2 also managed to show exactly why the next generation of consoles was present. Despite the heavy fogging and bland backdrops, the number of troops and ongoing battle would have been impossible on PSOne and difficult for the average PC of the era.


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