Batman : Arkham City Gameplay – No place for Hero’s

IM BATMAN!!! … Ok so im not but looking at the new gameplay footage for Batman: Arkham City  i wish i was!….

I know some people will not want to know the following information so for you guys! SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!

So the new gameplay trailer for Arkham City does two things:

1. It gives me a pixel bonner and makes me drool uncontrollably at how awesome this game looks!


2. It gives away a tonne of info! Some obvious and some……… not so obvious

Confirmed characters are as follows

– Catwoman

– Harley Quinn

– Hugo Strange

– The Joker

-Two face

However there are also suggestions of a few other characters too (Huge emphasis on the suggestions! these could be totally bogus)

–  The Black Mask (Go to the 26 second mark the guy on the floor)

– The Graysons (aka Robins acrobatic family troupe)

– The Penguin

Characters aside the gameplay is looking fantastic! The new swooping and gliding mechanic particularly looks great for being able to get around what seems to be a vast Arkham City. Melee attacks seem to have been given some extra variety with the likes of a three man take down , swooping kicks and a ground pound power punch capable of sending Clown goons scattered all about the place!(that’s just for starters).

The grapple can now also be used to set up your own perch points. Grappling to a building Batman can hope on top of the line at any time to be able to perch and swoop down on any unsuspecting gang members or take stock of the city with an improved detective mode.

I seriously cannot wait for this game! definitely near if not at the top of my wanted list (InFamous 2 being the other contender)

Look forward to getting your Bat on as of the 18th of October on 360 and PS3!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    *cough* F7 *cough*

    Truth be told I can’t wait either!

  2. valaysir says:

    Gameplay looks fantastic! Really looking forward to this.

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