Little Big InFamous!!

No Sackboy isn’t getting a super powered side kick nor is Cole about to be invaded by stickers and donkey tails, but something much MUCH cooler!……..

Much like in LBP, players will now be able to make their own missions in InFamous 2!.

As you can see from the video there is a lot of scope here. Mission types include:







“and MUCH MORE!!!” …… as cheesy as that statement is they are completely right, as it seems you could make anything you like! (Again within reason don’t go assuming you can make a elephant firing cannon as that’s just silly)

The type which intrigues me the most is OBSTICAL COURSE!. I love the movement, traversing and rail grinding mechanics of InFamous 1 so I can’t wait to go zip flying around a user created level as fast as I can.

This is also great news as it should mean there will not be any horrible tacked on multiplayer mode to the game. Not that I didn’t have faith in the awesome Sucker Punch not to spoil the game in the first place.

Look forward to becoming “InFamous” when InFamous 2 releases on the 7th of JUNE!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Valaysir says:

    This does sound very bloody awesome. inFAMOUS2 is sure to be a winner and this really is the icing on an already awesome cake.

  2. dantelockload says:

    I have my mandatory month off in June 😀 good times!

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