Catherine Stateside Bound


Great news for lovers of all things odd and Japanese, Atlus recently confirmed Catherine for an English translation and an American release in the summer. The game which comes from the development team responsible for the Persona games on PS2 and PSP have taken a dip into a slightly different kind of game with this one. While essentialy a rapid block pushing/climbing puzzle game, Catherine elevates itself with a ridiculous amount of polish. The ingame models and cutscenes look fantastic and the art rivals even the games own use of anime cutscenes. The music is by familiar hand Shoji Meguro and remains as eclectic as Persona ever was too.

No word of a European release, but with the region free-ness of the PS3 not posing a barrier, we should all feel free to import when it releases stateside.The Japanese demo was on PSN, but was taken down after it reached it’s target 1000000 downloads. It was put back up to celebrate the healthy sales of the game, but it’s unknown if it’s up at the moment. Of course it doesn’t make much sense, but you can get a good feel for the gameplay therein.


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