inFAMOUS 2 gets a release date

Yes, inFAMOUS 2 has a release date. It may only be for the US, but you can bet the EU one won’t be far off. 7th June is their magical date and we can only hope we get a collectors edition as awesome as theirs! A comic book, statue, soundtrack, ingame goodies and Cole’s sling bag make up one hell of a special edition. SCEE’s record with collectors editions hasn’t been great though, so it’s yet to be seen if we get anything, anywhere as nice. The important thing is that we know when it’s coming.

UPDATE: THE official PSBlog has confirmed we are getting the Hero Edition with all of the same goodies as the US. No release date is a little worrying though…



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  1. Haify says:

    I just found out about the hero edition and was going to blog about it. Good news we get the exact same Hero Edition over here too, saw it over on the Offical EU playstation blog along with a collectors edition.

    I’m defiantly going to try get the hero edition as I love infamous and the bag look sweet!

    1. valaysir says:

      Cheers. The US one updated earlier, which is where I got the original info from 🙂 Updated things now.

  2. Davekma says:

    Wow, that’s a lot sooner than I was expecting, was thinking more towards September October time, not that I’m complaining though 😀

  3. DeadmanXIII says:

    Fucking Blast Shards. That is all.

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