FFVersusXIII info and gameplay footage at last!

UPDATE: Looks like Sqeenix have removed most of the videos from YouTube. I still don’t get why they wouldn’t want to show what they’ve done so far. Hopefully you’ve seen the trailers – otherwise take my word for it, VersusXIII is looking awesome. I’ve just put an older trailer of VersusXIII in place of the new one.

That’s right. It’s taken forever, but we finally have some actual gameplay of FFVersusXIII to stare at. Thankfully, the game is looking absolutley stunning and not at all the disapointing mess that FFXIII was (I know, some of you liked it – but it was). The trailer shows off the fantastic cg cutscenes that most people will be familiar with, followed by a ton of gameplay footage. Looking like a mix of Crisis Core and Parasite Eve 3 style gameplay, it looks great. Take a look and see what you think. Oh and read on for a trailer of FFXIII-2…but seriously who cares about that? It might be good, but I doubt anyone is going to hope for anything better than a flashy extention to the previous installment. Unless it introduces a more open style of gameplay – I’ll keep my sights set on FFVersus.

In related news, FFXIII Agito for the PSP has been renamed Final Fantasy Type-0. No clue as to the reason behind the change. It remains part of the FFXIII mythos, the whole Fabula Crystal thingy – but I guess they want to keep it apart.



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