Home Update 1.4 – Voice Comms and Wardrobe Storage


1.4 doesn’t sound like a number you’d use for a massive change – but that’s exactly what Home has done. It’s not a revolution, but the number of improvements present in the latest update in home really do warrant this being a 1.5.

For most non-regulars to Home the most important addition is going to be the voice chat. Yes there’s voice chat, and not just in one area, but across all of home. Users are given the ability to join a chat group with friends or members of a club and be able to communicate with them no matter where they are in Home. It’s a fantastic and much needed way of communicating with people in Home without forcing them to be in the same place or send tedious PSN messages to one another.

For Home enthusiasts (like me) there’s a number of other changes which have improved the experience immensely. First up is the Wardrobe – the wardrobe no longer happens in a representation of the Harbour Space, instead happening on a floaty blue background that loads up much quicker. You also now can sort and filter your items – handy if you buy as much as me – and you can store all those unused freebie tshirts in a storage vault. Obviously this is for any unused clothing, not just tshirts. The clothing can be stored away to streamline your main wardrobe, but can still be accessed whenever you feel the need to pull out that old Street Fighter Akuma tshirt.

Another welcome change is the loss of the ‘smile’. Regular Home users should be aware that for quite a while now your Persona has been forced to wear a fake smile. Well, no longer – in fact you can now pick how you feel. A status option menu has been added on top of the usual expressions and emotes that puts an expression on your character and a small line of text under your name describing how you’re feeling. Deadman was feeling happy when I saw him yesterday – I enjoy feeling confused as the expression your Persona wears is quite funny looking.

A great update and while I don’t expect to see anything this major for a while – I certainly hope to see something nice for Christmas again.


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