DeadmanXIII says Goodbye


This is my last blog post as a part of the DPD crew. I’m having to knock the Z-list Internet celebrity lark on the head to make more time for my new baby who is due soon, and my time is pretty thin as it is. Also, i’ll be knocking about on the forum still so you won’t be without me, i’m just now part of the DPD Army rather than DPD itself!

Well, i made a post over on the forum so i guess i’ll just repost it here.


Hey guys,

I’ve announced it over on the Twitter, so i thought id mention it here.

i have left the DPD staff, and am now a valued member of the DPD Army just like you guys.

I still love DPD and all of you guys, but i just dont have time to do it the justice i think it deserves. I have my baby due in a few months so i will have even less time to do blog posts, lurk on the forum, pimp us out on Twitter, the Facebook and of course the podcast.

Personally i would rather walk away to the Incredible Hulk music than beat myself up weekly for not doing more on the show/site.

I give Dantelockload my full support and blessing to continue with DPD and if anyone wants to lend a hand writing or appearing on the DPDcast please send him a message.

You aren’t gonna have a chance to miss me as im still going to be quite active on the forum, but i wont be checking DPD emails or Twitter stuffs. So if you wanna speak to me use the PM, or tweet DeadmanXIII.

Cheers guys, its been a GREAT year!


See you guys on a games night very soon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. valaysir says:

    It’s always sad when things must come to an end. Can’t say this was entirely unexpected – but good luck to you deadman 🙂
    Hopefully Dante can pull DPD together into some manner of … something… 😛

  2. MOONHEAD2 says:

    i was never expecting this to happen dead – damn – not that i mind dante taking over hes cool too XD hopefully as mentioned in the other thread you will be on the forum still reguarly as you are the GAME guy who can tell us prices etc lol GOOD LUCK dude!

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