FFXIII Versus 13 and Agito trailers released

The trailers recently shown at TGS behind closed doors (and subsequently leaked) have been officially released by Sqeunix. Versus 13 just keeps looking more exciting – with landscapes that look more open than FFXIII and a very Fallout looking aesthetic. Agito too is looking pretty exciting, even if it looks dangerously similar to God Eater. The new trailer is found here.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Davekma says:

    Squenix have had it removed from Youtube Aysir :/

    Other link is fine though, definitely liking the look of Versus 13, looking forward to seeing it in 2027 😛

  2. valaysir says:

    Cheers, I replaced it with a slightly older one. The links the only place to see the new one now.

  3. Haify says:

    Square enix seem to spend so much time on making there trailers looking pretty then they do with making there games fun ;[

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