Nuclear Wasteland 2030 (NEW Best Indie Game Ever)


NW2030 is as simple as they come, shoot the zombies and survive as many waves as you can.
The graphics are incredible, the sound is good though the lack of music was a little jarring at first and the game runs beautifully. The potential for high score challenges among friends is HIGH, as the need for just one more go is ridiculous.

A strong FPS is difficult to find on XBLIG as the full price retail FPS just offers so much to the player, but NW2030 stays true to its Indie brothers and sisters and delivers simple, addictive gameplay and does the job perfectly!

I am trying to find something to criticise but am coming up short which is something the game clearly doesn’t suffer from.


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  1. John says:

    Hey this is John, Art Director of Nuclear Wasteland. Thanks soo much for the support and comments man! We really appreciate your words; and promise to bring you many more games that will be very fun, and look awesome! ROCK ON MAN!

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      See that right there? That is EXACTLY why I love the Indie Game Marketplace. I had a message from the guy that made Action Arcade Wrestling the other thanking me for the review I did of it over on It just seems that really nice people are creating the Indie Game scene and I love it!

  2. valaysir says:

    Is there any sense of progression in the game, or is it arcade style next-level business?

  3. Deadmanxiii says:

    Progressively harder waves, I’m feeling hungry for some score attack action!

  4. Haify says:

    Just a shame PSN doesn’t have many indie games :\

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      There are some FANTASTIC Minis on PSN, but having no demos for them means many will never try them. Cubixx, widgets oddessy, Age of Zombies, Alien Death Ray all come highly reccomended, and some are PSN+ free!

      As for Nuclear Wasteland, I unlocked the Scoped Assault rifle on my last play. im sure i saw a rocket launcher on the trailer, cant wait to get that sucker!!

  5. John Conelea says:

    Thanks, we are happy you all are enjoying the game! We currently have a new patch for Nuclear Wasteland that will be out by the end of the week…Tons of awesome new updates; music, storyline added, better lighting, bug fixes ect!!! Keep your eyes posted!!!

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      I literally can’t wait for this update!

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