Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo Impressions


I was really worried about this demo. While the game has looked awesome from the video’s, you can’t really judge an action game until you go hands on with in. This, along with Vanquish was one of my most anticipated games for the end of year period, so it had a lot to live up to.  So what do I have to say after 3 playthroughs of a ten minute demo – fan-bloody-tastic! The game feels perfect. Mercury Steam have outdone themselves and produced a masterpiece. The music is much like it has been for the trailer – very excited orchestral pieces, some of them sounding a little too much like something from Lord of the Rings, but good nonetheless.

The presentation is top notch, with the voice acting of Patrick Stewart and a book based menu system giving everything a high level of polish. The graphics are awesome. If the 360 version looks the same as the PS3, then 360 has found itself it’s best looking game because Castlevania looks comparable (not better) to God of War3. It may be lacking the final touches that GoW3 managed over its demo, but Castlevania moves between 60-30fps and has enough effects to keep itself looking pretty. The gameplay is where it’s really at though and Gabriel’s whip has perfect feedback when striking enemies with the square attack, pausing breifly on contact, in a style reminicent of Chaos Legion. There looks to be a plethora of upgrades and new moves to unlock too.

I was considering not making this a day one purchase after I heard UK doesn’t seem to be getting the collector’s edition, but some games are too awesome to wait for. Castlevania is one of them. This demo was part of the Playstation Plus package – normal users will be able to download and play in next week.


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  1. dantelockload says:

    😀 i saw this last night and downloaded the demo but didnt get a chance to play it. Like you this is one of if not the most anticipated game of the rest of the year for me and im a very happy bunny that its living up to expectations! 😀

    Roll on tonight!!!

  2. Haify says:

    I’ve just had a go and it was enjoyable, I’ve never really been looking into it but I will probably pick it up day one after that demo.

  3. DeadmanXIII says:

    i was playing Sports Champions while waiting for the Demo to download. After another hour or so i checked its progress only to find it was Pending… while i was playing the game.

    not cool sony, not cool.

  4. valaysir says:

    Now whose fault is that for not being patient? I downloaded mine in 20 minutes over a wi-fi connection while surfing on my PC.

    1. Haify says:

      Same 😀

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