Big Boss ready to hunt more Monsters

Snake is ready for some more Monster slaying action as Monster Hunter returns the favour payed by Metal Gear. Some of you may remember the awesome crossover a while back where Monster Hunter missions featured in MGS: Peacewalker on PSP. Well, with Monster Hunter 3 due out Capcom are hosting MGS characters Big Boss and The Boss as costumes for your male or female characters. If that’s not enough, you can also dress up you Felyne (cat comrade for those unfamilar with Monster Hunter) in a Solid Snake outfit, complete with Cardboard Box.
Monster Hunter 3 is out soon in Japan, along with a custom PSP that features an analogue stick with an indent on top (much like the 360 analog sticks) as well as slightly bulkier handholds. The US and Europe versions are most likely looking at a spring 2011 window.

The MGS goodies are going to be part of a DLC quest, provided post-launch. The two costumes and Felyne outfit, presumably forming some manner of reward for completing the DLC missions. It seems likely that the MGS designed Rex monster may make an appearance in the DLC too. For those skillful enough to get through all of MGS: Peacewalker’s extra missions – after beating the Rathalos and Tigrex, you’re treated to a battle with a new monster called Gear Rex. Unlike my original assumption, this was not simply the Metal Gear Rex from MGS1, but it was a whole new monster based on the Metal Gear Rex.

I like the look of  the Snake costume, but I always play as a female hunter and dressing up in different armours is a big part of the game for me. Still it’s a nice touch and I’m sure it’ll be much appreciated by the many hunters around the world.


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