Disgaea 4 Trailer, Dood!

Yes, I’m well aware that this is somewhat limited in it’s possible interest to the members of the DPD nation, but I like it, so here it goes.

I love the little story behind this as well. Apparently, some retailer let slip that the game was on it’s way, but rather than get all pissy and bent out of shape, Nippon Ichi instead responded by creating a teaser website, and then followed it up with this trailer. Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to this, hopefully some time next year.


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  1. Haify says:

    Looks good, always wanted to know what these games where about never actually played on myself they any good?

  2. davekma says:

    Graphically, not much to shout about. But the gameplay can be crazy addictive, the story is always good, and they have a weird, yet brilliant, sense of humour in all the games. Number 3 can be found pretty cheap online now, around £15-ish, or the original on PSP is on the Playstation store for around £11 I think. Well worth a pick up now, before October sets in and things go mental.

    1. Haify says:

      Cheers for that will look into getting a copy, always wanted to try it out but never knew what it was haha it just looks crazy awesome.

  3. davekma says:

    Sorry, I just realised I was extremely vague and general with what I said before.

    The gameplay is turn based, you have a max of 10 characters on your team per battle against varying numbers of opponents, and you can do combos, team up with nearby allies for more powerful moves, and even throw people around, both allies and enemies.

    The main story usually takes a fair while to get through, and then you’ve got the side mission type stuff like the item world, where you go ‘Into’ the various weapons and accesories you have and fight through floor after floor of enemies, increasing in difficulty all the time, in order to increase the power of the item.

    You know what? Just buy it, it’s fucking awesome 😀

    1. Haify says:

      Sold will keep my eye out for a cheap copy!

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