*UPDATE* TGS – First Trailer/shots of DMC – They say its Dante but it sure doesnt look like him!


So its Devil May Cry……………but not as we know it!. Live updates from TGS have confirmed that during the trailer shown that the guy above IS in fact Dante!. As we can see a much younger…. messy…..general Pete Docherty look has been applied. Ill be the first to hold my hands up and say that I’m not sure about this new direction. We all know what happened when they tried to change Cole from InFamous!. I will remain optimistic if only for the sake that the game is called DMC but seriously…………………..this better be his evil twin ……………….well you know more evil …………………..well Dantes not evil he’s just half demon, ah you get the point! Anyway here are some shots of Pete I mean Dante in action



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  1. valaysir says:

    No…just fucking no…

  2. dantelockload says:

    😦 what have they done

  3. robin smith says:

    cool. its cocky teen dante. Probably see his hair turn grey. Actually looks cool like no 3 did.

    Im not worried at all. and im a big dmc fan.

  4. Haify says:

    Just saw this over on the Playstation Blog at first I was like this is going to be bad but I actually kinda like it haha even tho Dante looks way different and his cloths look shit!

    Ninja theory are awesome so the gameplay with be awesome!

  5. DeadmanXIII says:

    If it wasnt for the name, then both Aysir and Dante would be all over this and getting excited! Ignore the fact that it is a Devil May Cry reboot, look beyond that and this game looks really fucking sweet! He throws a car, with his sword! He puts the fag out on a bad guys head. Other than a VERY young look to the character (beware of “attitude”) i cant see anything to worry about and he looks especially badass in the 2nd and 4th pictures above!

    Look how well Batman turned out after a reboot.

  6. dantelockload says:

    Rob your general views and opinions change more frequently than Haifys forum avatar!

    and reboots are usually fine yes but in Batman he still looks like batman! In every game anime and cameo Dante is never exactly the same but you can always tell its him. Dante has an almost comic book quality about him in the sense that hes a distinguishable character much like wolverine but again wolverine always looks like wolverine!.

    I haven’t said that im not excited about it and i like the looks of the trailer.Just for a hardcore fan change too much change is not great.Would you be fully satisfied if they totally changed the way snake looks? (and him being old in 4 doesn’t count!) Ill also play the “they tried to change how Cole looks” card one more time 😀

    with regards to the “he throws a car with his sword and putting the fag out if you had actually played all the DMC then you would know col as these moves are they pail in comparison to others 😛

    Long live Dante ……….just new Dante will have to prove himself

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      OF COURSE OLD SNAKE COUNTS! Solid Snake in MGS1 is virtually unrecognisable to Old Snake in MGS 4.

      I understand your point, You dont change the S on supermans chest. But Dante was in need of a change of look. the only thing that jars with me is that he looks kinda like Anakin Skywalker from Attack Of The Clones. Thats never a good style

    2. Haify says:

      In my defence I get bored of my avatar easy or I find a better one 😀

  7. dantelockload says:

    Im glad you see my point of view but hold on why does Dante need a a change of look again?

    On further views of the trailer (about 10) seems like the reason for the new look could be contextual to the game itself. With him being in a psychiatric rehabilitation ward and being younger he is bound to look different.

    I started looking at this game with a view of “Ok this could be cool to see what Dante was like as a rebellious 20 something and see how he becomes the Dante that there is now a la Smallville for want of a better reference 😀

    Besides you can see some white in his hair at the back hehe

  8. valaysir says:

    How was Batman a reboot? It was just another game – He still looked exactly the same. Old snake as well kept everything iconic about Snake and Big Boss – The Bandana, the mullet, the cigar and the eye patch. Every Dante has always been quite different DMC1’s is nothing like the one from 2 or 3 or 4, but they were all unmistakably Dante.
    Oh and Ninja Theory wouldn’t know a decent action game if someone wrote it for them and put it right infront of them. They suck!

  9. DeadmanXIII says:

    sorry, i meant Batman the movie franchise. solid Snake didnt have eye patch or smoke a cigar. Ninja Theory must have something going for them for Capcom to trust such a big IP to them. Im not saying they are the best devs in the world, but they must have pulled something spectacular out of the bag design brief wise to secure DMC!

    Do you think its as simple as the hair colour thats putting people off. if he had white hair (which is a pretty iconic feature of Dante) then i think fans could forgive the rest of the updated look, cause the new jacket looks pretty sweet.

    1. valaysir says:

      Okay, movie batman makes a little more sense – but still, he’s always looked the same – it’s just everything else that changes. Costume wise the only big change was losing the yellow bat symbol on his chest.
      Capcom trusted Grin with a lot of their stuff too. Nintendo trusted Philiips CD-i with Mario and Zelda as well.
      The hair is a big thing and I think a lot of people wouldn’t complain so much if he had white hair. Personally though Ninja Theory are the deal breaker for me. 😦 They’re just a giant hot air baloon filled with thier own hype and empty promises.

  10. dantelockload says:

    I’m growing to the idea of the game more and more. I like the fact that I can learn how Dante becomes Dante. The white showing through in his hair on the back of his head is a nice touch.

    With regard to them changing the hair to white then the fans would be happy I think it’s more than that. Dante has always had this clean bold”I could kick your arse with my little finger” look about him a bit of a pretty boy to be honest. But now he looks like a scag head! BUT!!!! I am taking this in context with the theme of the game as I said before being held captive would mean he would look something like this.

    As for Ninja theory…..well………………I did like Heavenly Sword (had some nasty issues with it though), and I’m going to be playing the Enslaved demo tonight (which I’ve been looking forward to) I’m going to keep a very open mind with this and just hope that Capcom doesn’t fuck us over lol

  11. robin smith says:

    if its set in his teens it makes sence he’d look all snot nosed and gangly, he’s a teen.

    It only looks as much a reboot as dmc3 did to dmc2.

    If this makes the same improvement over dmc4 that dmc3 did over 2 then it’ll be great, and it feels like it will when you listen to the music and look at the style of fighing.

    He’s cocky and sloppy. Like hes just growing into being a badass. Also the demo has this whole Fuck you! Punk undertone that i really like.

  12. dantelockload says:

    Hold up a second Robin have you played it? or your talking about the trailer?

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