Metal Gear Rising Interview


As sequals go this has me as excited as Arkham City (ie. A LOT)! I continue to hope and prey it retains the storytelling, humor and history of the MGS titles but throws in the Sword swinging action Raiden is known for. Excited actually isn’t a big enough word


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  1. valaysir says:

    Rising isn’t a sequel. It’s not even by Kojima Productions. It’ll retell the story of Raiden between MGS2 and 4, but it’s unlikely to have any of Kojima’s wit and humour. The dev team didn’t even like the idea of putting the watermelon cutting into the trailer – they just wanted it to be straight-faced action. This may be a good game, but it won’t be Metal Gear.

    1. Deadmanxiii says:

      😦 the fools, melon was ace!

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