PAX 2010: Sonic Colours……No wait dont go yet just watch!

OK so maybe some of you remember my post about sonic colours before ?

Well here is some more footage of the blue Spikey one. Although I’m still reserved i cant help but want to want this game!. Everything is pointing towards me hating it, The fact that its on the Wii, the fact that its called Sonic Colours and the fact that SEGA are renound for making a complete balls up of any sonic game after Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (yes its real and yes it was on the Gamecube and yes it was awesome!).

But the fact is the graphics look good, the Gameplay looks good and even the new ‘Colour’ power ups look good!.

Full judgement is yet to be passed on this but the little Sonic fan inside of me rufuses to just lay down and die (even if it has gone over a decade without any real substance).


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  1. Deadmanxiii says:

    It’s just sonic unleashed again! Surely we are over Sonic by now? Keep the focus on Sonic 4, not these bullshit spinoffs!

    Sonic, like Duke Nukem, are stale relics of gaming gone by an don’t need to have their corpses dragged out and paraded around like this. Let them die.

  2. dantelockload says:

    The same could be said about a lot of franchises. Not to mention the fact you have just contradicted yourself by saying to focus on Sonic 4 and then saying let the franchise die!. What’s wrong with this game? Your right it’s like sonic unleashed but the sonic part (not werehog) stuff was awesome and fast paced fun. The views of one are not the views of all

    Surely we should be over Wrestling and Street fighter by now aswell then ?

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      Smackdown Vs Raw and Street Fighter have continously improved on previous versions, Sonic hasnt had a GREAT game since Sonic and Knuckles.

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