Gamescom : Infamous 2 gameplay trailer

Does it seem like an age has past since E3? Well maybe some of you will remember the trailer I posted when that joyous E3 time was upon us of some in game footage of Infamous 2?Well this is pretty much the same  trailer but with a few very important changes!………

For a start Cole is back! …….i mean the real Cole….well not that he wasn’t real before …..Ah you get what i mean! and he’s looking as average Joe as ever. This is one of the aspects I liked so much about Infamous 1, so happy face here!  😀

Secondly is that this is ripped straight from the floor of Gamescom in Germany and is not as heavily scripted as the previous trailer. This time around we can see someone at IGN (I’m guessing by the watermark on the trailer) bumbling their way through the helicopter fight. There are a few drops in frame rate here and there but nothing to worry about by the time the game comes out. We also get to see some more of the ‘Ionic Vortex’ which to be honest is one of the ‘coolest’ moves I’ve seen in a while!.

 Infamous 2 is definitely at the top of my list for most wanted game at the moment (well apart from FFXIII versus and MVC3 and Street fighter X Tekken…..But that does without saying!).

Its games like these that make me happy to be a PS3 fanboy :p

Oh and here is the new “House of the rising sun” trailer …….freeze frames = awesome! ENJOY!


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  1. valaysir says:

    Still not quite happy with the new Cole. It’s better than their first redesign, but still not quite right.

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