1st Impressions: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days


I want to make an admission right up front about this series. I’m actually a fan of the original Kane and Lynch. I know I’m weird…

It had its flaws but I found the plot engaging and the characters interesting. Kane the former Merc having to keep the psychotic Lynch under control. It created a great tension between the characters and their uneasy relationship was a real high point. Also the variety of missions and locations really kept my interest. A bank job, prison break, absailing down a building/office battle, gun fight in a busy club and a night-time assault on a stronghold in the middle of a war zone all come together to make an exciting game. It’s the same problem i had with Army Of Two: 40th Day. the original spanned the Globe taking in a number of locations, but the sequel restricted itself to… Well, To Shanghai. Same as Dog Days

3 missions in and Dog Days isn’t giving me ANY of the above. The main characters are far less interesting and dare i say it Generic bad guys. the dull locations have all looked the same and the gameplay is a relentless shoot and move with little variation.

It’s more frustrating as i have been defending K&L for the best part of 3 years now, and had hoped the sequel would fix the minor issues of the original. I’m not even a fan of the “camcorder” filter and am sure the graphics were better in the original game. Even if im wearing rose-tinted glasses, Dog Days fails to compare with other 3rd person games of today. Uncharted 2 blows it away, but then again so does Gears Of War 2, and THATS 2 years old now at least.

I hold my hands up and admit, I havent even got halfway through the game, and it may very well improve as the game progresses, but im no longer willing to invest more time to it. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of you guys that have played through it. I hear it can be done in 4 hours.


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    Played some more and am determined to finish it, so far only one mission (A Thousand Cuts) has really stood out, and actually gets points as it was really exceptional. I’m hoping the later stages of the game match it, but the level that immediately follows was more generic shooting. Sigh.

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