Custom PS3 Themes


The great thing about the PS3 is being able to make your own themes and since most of us here at DPD love our PS3’s here are two Custom Themes I made earlier. One might be a bit girly for most – based on the new PSP Persona 3 Portable title and the new female protagonist therin.  The other is a fantasy style one based on the old PC classic Baldur’s Gate 2: S.adow’s of Amn and it’s icons. Enjoy 🙂 Links go to where the themes are hosted. Check out their tools and utils if you’re interested in making your own. Maybe Deadman or Dante can make a DPD one :D.

Persona3Portable Theme – Female Protagonist

Baldur’s Gate II Theme – Shadows of Amn


2 Comments Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    I’m sure you know what I’m thinking, we need a bad ass DPD theme! I’m using a DPD wallpaper but DPD icons would rule!

  2. BigBob says:

    Unoriginal and plagiarised from a version my arty mate done several years ago, I should get him to contact you 🙂 I have been trying to get him to do me a Hannah Montana version but he is kind of reluctant.

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