Most Anticipated Games of the Year…for me [DeadmanXIII Edition]


Inspired by Aysir’s earlier post, I thought I’d share my thoughts of the rest of 2010.

I’m still hoping that there is some super secret title in development that will reach us this year and blow me away, because i think I’ve already played the best games of 2010 and the usual Q4 buzz simply isn’t coming. Splinter Cell, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, God Of War 3, Mario Galaxy 2, right there are some contenders for Game Of The Year and I don’t see anything left for release in 2010 that will threaten any of the previously mentioned titles.

I blame Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. There I said it.

Towards the end of 2009 publishers imposed delays on their titles to add a few months extra polish and to sidestep going Head to Head with MW2. At the time it seemed like a win-win situation. Great games packing out the first half of the year means more breathing space on the release list, and we get top games all year round.

BUT, I think we are starting to see the negatives of the situation kick in. The teams behind these incredible titles are eagerly working away on sequels and follow ups for their Q1/Q2 games and have nothing to release THIS Christmas.  Sure we are getting more DJ Hero, COD, Halo and Fable but are these titles really at the top of anybody’s Most Anticipated lists?

Move and Kinect launching only damages things further, i expect very few boundaries to be broken during the rest of the year and we will settle for rinse and repeat sequels, and waggle. I’m going to talk further about Move/Kinect another time as I’m getting a chance to try out both systems in September.

There ARE games sitting on the release list that I’ll play. There are even some that i will probably enjoy. It’s when i realise that nothing qualifies as a DAY 1 purchase that my heart sinks.

Roll On 2011, and while we are waiting head to THE FORUMS to discuss YOUR Most Anticipated Games of the Year and prove me wrong!


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