Deadman XIII on ‘Achievemental’

Your very own Deadman XIII (me) has made his 1st guest appearance on another (lesser) podcast! If your after your usual DM13 fix you could do worse than to listen to…

Give it a listen,  the basic premise is the application of 360 Achievements to real life! Collect and compete and other Achievemental fans!

Here’s a few examples

King of the bloggers : Message stephen Fry and actually have him respond.

Sounds of the underground : Take part in a silent disco “flash mob” at a london underground station.

Headbuzz : lick a battery


One Comment Add yours

  1. robin smith says:

    you deadman, would you mind changing the link to

    the last episode was not of the qulity we should be making. so i sat down for two and a half hours and re-editied it… go me.

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