PlayStation Beta Rooms Event: LBP2 and Dead Nation

Dead Nation for PS3 (PSN)

And so we come down to the last few games of the Beta Rooms Event. There wasn’t much else, truth be told. 3D and Move really were the main attraction of the day. Little Big Planet 2 made a showing with a co-op demo level. Unfortunatly without allowing creation, LBP2 can’t really show its new colours. While not shockingly new or surprisingly fresh, LBP2 was reassuringly pleasant. While the jump hasn’t been solidified and there’s still no double jump or ledge grab, Media Molecule have introduced a handy attachment system. Sackboy (or girl) can now run around with what is effectivly a rather nifty ninja rope and use it to grab objects and other players. It’s a useful tool to keep players together (not always to everyones liking) and to make tricky jumping sections a little more forgiving.
The other game there was Dead Nation and was argubly my best at the event. Dead Nation plays like a cross between Burn Zombie Burn and Hunter the Reckoning. The arcade sensibilities married to the slower more considered approach makes Dead Nation possibly the best of the recent Zombie games. If there was one thing it needs though, it’s multiplayer. I’m hearing 2 player is likely, but 4 player would be brilliant. The game looks really nice, the lighting effects of the player’s torch add to the atmosphere brilliantly.Much like Burn Zombie Burn you get a nice helping of weapons and sub weapons (dynamite, mines, flares etc.) and like Left for Dead you get a good variety to crazy Zombie mutants to contend with.


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