Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep just around the corner

Kingdom Hearts Special Edition
It’s hard to believe it’s almost here. It’s taken ages since its announcement so very long ago, but the PSP Kingdom Hearts has very nearly arrived. 10th September (which is just over a month and a  half away) is the date Kindom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is coming out over here in the UK. The US release is only days earlier, releasing on the 7th of September. I’m certainly hoping this installment in the franchise lives up to the PS2 and GBA incarnations, it certainly scored well with Famitsu (37/40) but that usually doesn’t mean anything. It’s certainly sure to be better than 358/2 days on the DS. It may not have been a terrible game, but it certainly wasn’t taking advantage of the DS’ unique control system.

Also, it’s going to the get the almost obligatory Squenix Collector’s Edition too. Like the disapointingly horrendous Dissidia (well for me anyway) the Collector’s Edition comes with an artbook and Art Cards in a cardboard slip case. ShopTo currently have it at the cheapest preorder price – only 26.85 for the collectors, which is sure to be a lot cheaper when it goes onto PSN. There’s a lot more PSP titles in September soon too, so make sure you keep your PSP handy!

Sourced from the EU Playstation Blog


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  1. BigBob says:

    This release is far to close to the Halo Reach Launch and I am planning on splashing out on the new Halo Reach XBox 360 slim 😦

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