Peace Walker 2 Confirmed…kind of…



It seems Kojima managed to confirm MGS: Peace Walker 2 in a recent interview:

“The follow-up to Peace Walker is really something. It’s a revolution, game system-wise. We’re able to do what we couldn’t do with Peace Walker.”

While this doesn’t provide much details, it does leave us in a state of excitement. Having only just reached the final battle of Peace Walker, another installment is certainly welcome news indeed. Hopefully the game will remain on PSP, rather than going to the big consoles and like Monster Hunter it could do with missions that are nigh impossible to complete solo, making co-op a neccessity rather than a nice extra. Peace Walker certainly felt like a full fledged MGS and while it’s story did make Portable Ops feel somewhat redundant, it continues to lead into Metal Gear nicely. Hopefully at some point Kojima will redo the orginal MSX Metal Gear with the same flair as the rest of the saga.

Of course Kojima never actually said PeaceWalker 2, calling it the ‘follow up’. So perhaps we’re barking up the wrong tree here. Of course if another game is going to be made in the same style, it’s going to have to still be Big Boss to retain the MSF aspect of the gameplay. Whatever it is, it’s sure to have the Kojima brand of wierdness.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    Dammit!!! Still not started the 1st one yet!!

  2. valaysir says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. I doubt we’d see this follow up for a while yet.

  3. Haify says:

    I thought MGS4 was going to be the end ;\

    1. valaysir says:

      It is for Solid Snake. But Peacewalker is Big Boss and takes place before MGS1.

      1. Haify says:

        You got MGS3 for that and that one has to be my fav 😀

  4. BigBob says:

    Where is teh promised Z.O.E 3???

    1. valaysir says:

      Apparently being made (or being considered) after MGS: Rising according to Kojima.

      1. Haify says:

        I did read that got delayed, I have yet to play the second one but the first was a classic!

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