Dragon Age II Officially Announced



Yup, it’s official. EA and Bioware have today announced the sequel to one of my favourite games of last year. Bioware’s most successful game to date is back for another helping and it looks like there’s a number of surprising changes on the table.

First off, the main character from Origins is gone – or at least you won’t be playing as them. In a rather Mass Effect style move you play as Mr or Mrs Hawke. You decide on the first name, face and gender – but race and voice are pre-determined. While this takes away choice from the player it should add more character to the mute protagonist of Origins. As long as the speech options are still available like in Mass Effect, I see no reason this change should be seen as anything but positive.

The game also has reportedly deeper dynamic combat mechanics. I’m not entirely sure what that means yet, hopefully the game sticks with the party based strategy style of the previous installment, rather than becoming an Action RPG. Another change is time span – while the original game took place over a few months, Dragon Age 2 promises to span over at least 10 decades. No one’s sure yet if that means accelerated time or in a Fable 2 style if there will be moments of fast foward where you can see the effects of earlier decisions.

Whatever the changes – it’s exciting to see this title confirmed and even more exciting to see the possibilities open now. Mass Effect 2 has been my game of the year so far and I’d like to see if Bioware have it in them to better it.


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