That ever so difficult ‘2nd Blog Post’


Well, now that I sort of know what I’m doing on here, I thought I’d post something a little different.

Zero Punctuation

It’s quite probable that most of you already know of this site, and what it entails, but for those that don’t, let me explain.

Contained within the link, is 8 pages of video reviews for most of the biggest games of the last 3 years, by reviewer Benjamin ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, a Brit now living Down Under in Australia. Unique, not only for his hat, but for his often scathing, most always hilarious (To me at least) verbal reviews of games, accompanied by simple, yet brilliant videos.

The worse and more dreadful the game, the better he becomes as he finds new and intuitive ways of getting across to those listening just how bad the game actually is. Personal favourites include his review of Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii, and the follow up Mailbag Showdown, in which he responded to the messages and letters he got in response to his Brawl review, both videos located on page 6, alongside reviews of dross like Army of Two and Turok, again, some of his better work for me.

Have a look, check out a couple of reviews, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy his reviews as much as I have. He does a new review each week on wednesdays, so check back to see what he’ll be ripping to shreds reviewing each week.


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  1. He has also opened the first ever “Gaming Bar” in Melbourne called “Manabar”.

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