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I just paid for a demo…and you know what, I didn’t mind it one bit. Blue Toad Murders recently went down in price and is being sold in a bundle with all six episodes for £17.99. But cleverly they have an offer to buy Episode one for 99p and if you like it, you can get the rest of it then for £16.99 (A saving of 1p!). I bought it, tried it out and while I’m not totally certain I like Blue Toad Murders, I did realise I quite willingly paid for a demo. And you know what? I’d do it again.

If Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or Vanquish offered me a 99p demo that they would not put out any other way, I would totally go for it. It’s not too different from when I used to pay for magazines like Amstrad Action and Amiga Format to get the latest demos.  Though to be fair, I probably spend a lot more readily than most game players. There’s not as many like me that spend money to get their virtual Home persona a nice set of steel wings or a sofa in the shape of a LocoRoco. People tend to forget a lot of the costs that go into making a demo – it’s not a case of simply cutting off areas of a game. Demos have to be carefully constructed and are then put through the same rigorous QA process that full games are subject to. This means time, money and resources and for most companies, not only it is unnecessary, but it can become costly. A small token price tag attached to them, would encourage more developers and publishers to release demos and give us a better idea of where to spend our money.

So what do you guys think? Would you pay for 99p demos of blockbuster titles and even more obscure ones? It’s apparently vital that we get your thoughts!


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  1. dantelockload says:

    I would pay 20 quid for a FF13versus demo!

  2. DeadmanXIII says:

    I’m keen to pay for a demo like experiance. But NOT a simple demo. Dead Rising: Case Zero is a good example. It covers all the main point of a demo, giving you a grasp of some basic gameplay fundamentals, controls, graphics etc, but is a unique story not found in the main game.

    I’ll be happy to pay a few pounds for experiances such as this. It’s a great business model for DLC like distribution before a game is even out! If you make it that people that complete Case Zero get some kind of bonus unlock or even as in the case of the Crackdown2 demo unlock acheivements once you buy the full game it could really drive sales numbers!

  3. valaysir says:

    But content like that has the problem of not being exactly like the game. As a case in point, I liked Gran Turismo 4 Prologue. But when the full game came out, they’d gotten rid of the new camera angles and the penalties. It’s also an even bigger investment from the Devs and one that’s likely to be too much to ask for in most cases.
    Demo’s like the BlueToad – Episode One are the reason I’m very interested to see Sony’s Trial Game stuff with PSN Plus. Since it’s effectivly paying for a demo of the game.

  4. BigBob says:

    I have a friend that paid 60 quid for a demo of FF 13 which came with the Jap version of Advent Children.

    I’ll be first in line for PSN +, all they need to do is throw in a year long subscription to FirstPlay and they have me for life 🙂

    1. valaysir says:

      Really? I paid 40 quid for the Advent Children Blu Ray and got an FFXIII demo free with it 🙂

  5. DeadmanXIII says:

    im sadly not that taken with First Play. Free minis are very welcome, but im not interested in what that woman narrater says. the PSN round ups are nice, as most PSN titles havent got demos or trailers.

    1. valaysir says:

      I actually kinda like their reviews. It’s always a little odd to hear a woman saying laddish things (like checking other women out) but she does a fair job of getting most things across. The Modnation review for instance managed to point out the boost being used for shield and token stacking that I didn’t see in the Beta. I couldn’t really care less about the mini’s – they’re sadly mostly rubbish – but FirstPlay isn’t too bad.

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