Unlock Achievements In Crackdown 2 Demo!


The demo for Crackdown 2 (available now) has some exciting features the highlight of which is that the demo tracks Achievement progress for Unlocking in the full game!

The demo also features accellerated leveling up of your Agent so you get a good feel for progression in the full game. The first games demo used the same technique to great effect!

Crackdown 2 also features up to 4 player co-op and THIS has also made it into the demo!

So who is up for some Crackdown2 co-op, between Gears Night, Uncharted 2sday and the MoH Beta?
Wow, BUSY gaming week ahead!


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    a little more clarification, There are 10 Achievements in the demo that you can earn, but they stay locked until you load up the full game. Each Achievement is worth 10g, so there is a potential 100g that will pop up when you start the game. I assume the demo Achievements will also appear in the full game anyway and are not Demo Exclusive.

  2. Haify says:

    I would look into this game but its a shame that I can’t stand playing my 360 its just to noisey plus got alan wake and splinter still to play ;\

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