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Well, Dante promised a more in depth look at the PSN Plus service, so here it is. The price here in Europe is going to be €14.99 / £11.99 for 90 days and €49.99 / £39.99 for a whole year and you’ll be able to sign up anytime after the 29th of June when the service starts. To help better understand what the service offers, I’ll try to break it down simply, basically PSN Plus offers 3 key things.

Games: This is divided into two varieties. One they give you free games – like Wipeout HD and lots of other PSN and PSOne Classic titles along the way. These are available to you long as you have a subscription. If that subscritption is cut – you can’t play those free games, but signing back up, gives you access again. Two – you get discounts on PSN titles, Premium Themes and Avatars. These are to keep and often exclusive to the service.

Full Game Trial: You may remember this being discussed on the Podcast a while back. Well it turned out to right. You get access to new releases and get to play the first hour or so of full blu-ray titles and PSN titles. These are pretty much the full game, so progress (save data and trophies) carry across if you choose to buy. You also get priority access to betas – it is uncertain if this means Sony Beta’s, or if Sony will partner with other companies for this.

Automatic Download: This one almost feels like it should have come in a usual update, but the nature of bandwith and server costs means this is a premium item. Automatic Downloads allow your PS3 to get patches, demos and firmware updates and download them when you’re away. It’s a nice little time saver and likely will provide faster download speeds as well for those things.

Also sign up before the 3rd of August to get a free copy of Little Big Planet. It’s likely you already have this, but it can be nice having a digital copy ready to play on your PS3.


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    I must be honest, i wasnt going to go for this. i HATE paying for Xbox live, and strongly believe that online multiplayer is such a basic component of modern gaming, to charge addtional money for it is wrong. Also, if online play on 360 was free, there isnt enough extra on Live to justify the money.

    i had assumed the same was to be said for PSN+, but it seems i was very wrong. The functionality we get now will remain free, and a £40 a year charge is backed up by a SERIOUS amount of content. Little Big Planet, a true PS3 iconic game, can be played as much as you like. it boggles my mind. I will be parting with the £11.99 initially to test the service out, but i can see myself diving in for a year.

  2. valaysir says:

    Just to clarify – the LBP is only with the year subcription.
    I was pretty much in the same position as you. I don’t subcribe to Xbox Live (Don’t think I should have to pay to play online) and was not impressed with PSN Plus at first. But considering how much I spend on PSN anyway – the discounts and freebies sound good, and the Full Game Trials sounds even better. The Automatic Downloads is a nice bonus to the whole package.
    I don’t think it was exactly what everyone thought it would be, but honestly, apart from Party’s and Cross Game Chat – PSN isn’t really missing much that XBL charges for anyway.

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      1 year only eh? i guess if i add the price of LBP to the 3 month subscription, then its roughly the same price as a year anyway.

      i wonder how DLC will work with the free to play versions? if im getting LBP for free, ill drop some money on the Metal Gear DLC.

  3. valaysir says:

    If you haven’t tried the MGS DLC for it, you certainly should. It adds guns to LBP (kiddy ones, but guns nonetheless) and a lot of the custom levels support them too.

    1. Haify says:

      I second that, the MGS DLC was just awesome you get paint guns and get to fight metal gear 😀

      I’m thinking of trying it out for the year but I dowt I’ll keep paying as you can still play for free so that will keep me going untill some good PSN titles come out and the discount is at a good %age! then i might carry on with it.

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