New Marvel Vs Capcom 3 In game action!

As of late the game has been receiving a lot of harsh press with criticisms on the new comic book art style certain character choices.

I for one am not one of these blasphemers and think the game is looking of the hook!. The fact that Dante is in there is an instant buy for me but not only that i think the combat and gameplay looks really solid with actions really connecting with the opposing characters.

I’m a little dubious still as to a few of the textures and character models oh and the 12 year old kid they have got to voice act Deadpool :(. But these minor issues aside this is easily one of my most anticipated game right now!


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  1. valaysir says:

    Deadpools voice sounds fine. The game looks like a riot and I really really hope they support 4 (or even six) player local play on that tagging – that would make it the first tagging multiplayer game on Playstation since the launch of PS2 (or near enough).
    Dante looks pretty sweet – he looks like an odd mixture of all 3 Dante’s – the clothing from DMC3, the hair from DMC2 and the age of DMC 1. Not too sure about his devil trigger though – doesn’t really look like any of them…

  2. DeadmanXIII says:

    Check out the video in here…

    that’s what MvC3 should have looked like!

  3. dantelockload says:

    Your living in the past man šŸ˜›

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