Infamous 2! ….now with added ice?

Infamous 2 is looking to give us one hell of a sucker punch coming 2011.

The trailer looks Awe!some!. Not too sure of the reborn Cole  sporting some trendy threads and looking like a Justin Timberlake clone but what can be sure is that its looking Uncharted 2 good!.


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  1. Haify says:

    Legendary trailer!! Bit odd that cole has completely change and his voice too haha but I kinda liking this look more.

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    im not entirely sure its cole. i guess it has to be, but yeah its a very different design!

    1. Haify says:

      Every one says its Cole as they had to change his looks it seems due to people hating the old Cole :\ he wasn’t bad but just looked like a nutjob haha

  3. deadmanxiii says:

    the tattoos and stuff look so cliche. it look like a totally new dude.

  4. dantelockload says:

    I’m really not feeling the new Cole :(. He is not gritty enough this guy looks like he is an abercrombie and fitch model!

    1. Haify says:

      I’ve read that his not the final look so there is a good chance he will change before release 😀

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