Uncharted 2sday! Come Join Us

We run a Game Night on Uncharted 2 each and every Tuesday starting at 9pm GMT. We want to extend an invite to everyone to come and join us!

It is usually a pretty non-competitive evening, we frequently mix up the teams to avoid any arguments. We play a variety of game types across all the maps in the game.

DLC is preferred, but not required. We are all about being inclusive and would rather have everyone in the same game than split the group up. We encourage everyone that plays to take a few shots in the Cinema mode of the game and post up some highlight screenshots, as the only thing better than a sweet headshot is getting a picture of it on the Net. In fact, all the images in this post are taken from Uncharted 2sdays past.

To join us, just send a message or Friend Request me (PSN: DeadmanXIII) and ill make sure you make it in the group. We will open a second room should we over populate the 1st.

See you ALL tonight!

Check Out More Uncharted 2sday shots in our Gamers Gallery…


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