Quest for Completion: Day 14

One down (finally), ninety-nine to go!

Game #1: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [Nintendo Wii]
# Completion Criteria – Defeat End Boss
# Current Completion Status – Completed!
# Time Taken – 38h 39m

I must say, I had mixed emotions about this game when I first started it. The pseudo-realistic character design was off-putting, the controls felt somewhat awkward and it’s definitely the slowest starting Zelda game to date. Things reached a turning point, however, when the momentum started to pick up. Unfortunately, for reasons I’ve already been through in previous entries, it was hard for me to keep that momentum going, which is why it sat uncompleted for so long. Now, though, I can finally lay it to rest – Twilight Princess is now done and dusted!

You’ll remember that the last time I played, I found myself stuck in what I believed to be the penultimate dungeon of the game and – after several failed attempts to scale the City in the Sky – I quit out of sheer frustration! With renewed vigour, I once again began my climb with much greater success. An awesome boss fight awaited, as I literally swung from pillar to post taking down a giant armoured dragon. With all the shards of the Twilight Mirror collected, I was able to make my way to the alternate dimension in order to bring the game’s final boss to its knees!

But first there was the small matter of getting past the Palace of Twilight, restoring its occupants to their normal selves before I could defeat the Usurper King and big bad guy – Zant:

This was quite the inspired boss fight, to be fair. Zant warps you through several of the already conquered dungeons, forcing you to remember what weapons you found there, and working out how to use them against him. The end result is a varied and exciting battle, complete with some of the catchiest music the series has had since the Lost Woods tune! (You know the one: do do doooo, do do doooo…)

Now, I admit that I knew Zant wasn’t the true final boss. This being a traditional Zelda, it was quite obvious that a much more formidable foe was just around the corner! What I didn’t know, however, was that a whole other dungeon was required to get to him! I would have felt like the developers were stretching the game thin, if I wasn’t enjoying myself quite so much at this point! Instead, I marched on eagerly, looking forward to the great showdown against the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf!

Those of you who know me, know that I overuse the word ‘awesome’ to the point where its meaning is lost. The final battle against Ganondorf unfortunately defies any other description. In its true literary sense, the climax of this game is awesome. You must defeat the Thief King four times in four very different battle settings – the first will be familiar (sort of) to anyone who’s ever played a Zelda before. The second pits two ferocious beasts against one another. The third is a long-awaited horseback duel, and last but not least is just him and you, swords in hand, mano a mano, to the death. After some costly mistakes in this last part, I was down to under 3 hearts of health, but was able to turn things around at the very last second. The smile on my face at that moment was all at once triumphant, relieved and fully satisfied.

Based on this fight and this fight alone, the game has sneaked up several places on my all-time favourites list! And that inimitable feeling of conquering such a monumentous game reminded me of the very reason I wanted to start this challenge. Despite what media critics might say, no book, film, painting or musical number can recreate the same feeling you get after beating a game you’ve put any level of effort into. It’s an emotional experience like no other!

So, what’s next?

Game #2: Chrono Trigger [DS]
# Completion Criteria – Defeat End Boss
# Current Completion Status – Not Even Started
# Estimated Time to Completion – 30 to 40 hours

Zelda was first on the list because I felt I didn’t deserve the name “Hylian” until I’d completed it. Guilt was also the motivation for this next choice, but a different kind of guilt. Whether you know him as Dave, Davekma or Youjustlostthegame, he is the rightful owner of this game, not me. However, I asked to borrow it months ago, and never actually got around to even playing it! It’s been sitting on my shelf pratically untouched since he first lent it to me! Well no more, because mark my words – Chrono Trigger DS is about to receive the QFC treatment!

Also, I now have to commute to work, so it gives me a chance to do something other than stare out of bus windows!


The Quest for Completion Hit List:

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  2. Chrono Trigger

2 Comments Add yours

  1. oldroo (tafka AdequateJohnson) says:

    It’s a good game. I think it would have been much better without all that waggling.

    I’ve been thinking about picking up Chrono Trigger for the DS so I’ll have something to play when the kids take my PSP. Looking forward to hearing about it, because so far all I’ve heard is it’s a must-play.

  2. PixieChick says:

    woohoo go Hylian! good luck on the next game 🙂 xXx

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