Ok, Maybe MGS Rising Is The Highlight


Metal Gear Rising Gameplay. A-MAZING!


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  1. Haify says:

    Is this set after mgs4? and Why has Raiden completely changed haha but I have to admit it does look nice tho yet I’m still not sure about it :\

  2. valaysir says:

    Looks very interesting. Not very Metal Gear – and I’m not sure why they kept the name Metal Gear Solid when Snake is not in it, but it has promise. Konami aren’t the best at hack and slash action games though, so I’m holding my breath and hoping they get it right.

  3. dantelockload says:

    I want to chop melons!

  4. BigBob says:

    Cut, Cut everything, Chop anything. They really should have called it something else as it has cut Snake from the game, they cut the stealth from the game play and they have chopped the Metal Gears from the game as well I fear.

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