Quest for Completion: Day 13

Why is completion such a struggle at times? The Hylian discusses…

The mixture of a new workplace, personal strife, and unusual levels of sociability have led to me not getting a chance to tackle my ‘quest’ this week. Therefore, in lieu of a progress update, I thought I’d go a little deeper into the reasons why so many of us fail to complete certain games. Here are 6 of the biggest obstructions standing between us gamers and the coveted “The End” screen.

1. “I’ve got so many other games to play!” – The Overstimulation Excuse

This is my own personal go-to excuse, and the main reason I started the challenge in the first place. Being both a hoarder by nature, and a game store employee, my shelves have become packed with so many different games that it became more of a challenge sticking with just one to play, than actually playing the game itself! I’ve played a tonne of them, but it’s not long before another catches my eye and I can no longer concentrate on the game currently playing. The vicious cycle goes on until I just end up staring at the shelf for ages working out what to play next, never quite settling on one in particular.

2. “It’s way too hard to beat!” – The Wimp’s Excuse

Nobody likes to admit it, but there are games out there that drive us into such fits of despair that we daren’t venture on. Sometimes we’ll quit and try again later with a different plan of attack, other times we doubt we’ll ever have the patience, and sell the game. I can safely say I’ve only ever taken the latter option once, as a younger and more foolish man. Most people will tell you they’ve never done it. Those people are most likely to be liars.

3. “What a load of…” – The Poor-Purchasing-Decision Excuse

Somewhat related to the previous point, in that the only 2 options are to suffer through or trade early. This excuse, however, is seen as much more acceptable in the eyes of other gamers. After all, we’ve all been taken in by the bright and shiny new games before, only to be bitterly disappointed when we put the games into our respective machines. How likely you are to finish such a game depends purely on your own level of tolerance. While Turok (X360, PS3) may be seen by some to be completely unplayable, others may find it just barely okay enough to see through to the end.

4. “Ooh, shiny!” – The Sidequest Distraction Excuse


Mainly restricted to sandbox games but often seen in other genres, the desire to stop progressing through the story while you try to find 100 whatchamacallits, or try out some of those funny-looking sidequests, can be overwhelming for some. The Grand Theft Auto series is notorious for this, with many people I’ve talked to only getting as little as possible through the game as is necessary to unlock a new part of the city to terrorise, or discover a new weapon, or whatever. Platformers, though, are just as culpable. I know I don’t have to collect every musical note from each level of Banjo Kazooie, but it’s so fun! Who cares if I spend so much time searching that I never reach the end?

5. “I don’t want it to be over!” – The DeadmanXIII excuse

Seriously dude, Ocarina of Time is 12 years old! It’s time to man up and get it over with!!

6. “FFFFFUUUUUUUU—–” – The Rage-quitting Excuse

For full details, check out my last entry in the QFC. While not usually a complete obstruction, rage quitting has been known to plague victims with guilt and shame for days, weeks, even months on end! In some extreme cases, said victims try to pass off their sudden disinterest in gaming as something trivial. They often cite other issues in their life as the true obstructions in their games, ignoring the fact that they are simply delaying the inevitable. These cads will even try to post meaningless filler blog entries in an attempt to distract their fellow gamers from their inadequecies and procratinations! Oh, the shame! Wait, did I say too much?


I will finish my first Quest game tomorrow. This, I promise you all!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. valaysir says:

    I’ ve had a few games that were too hard to beat (Shinobi and Kunoichi, i’m looking at you!) but really I mostly suffer from number 1 – I have far too many games (about 300 on PS2) and while I have completed about %80 of them, there’s sill lots I haven’t.

  2. deadmanxiii says:

    whaddaya mean the deadman excuse? im sure many people have felt this way at one time or another. there are some games that you just dont want to end.

  3. The Hylian says:

    Playful ribbing, my friend! Of course there are games I wish would never end, I just don’t see that as a deterrent to finishing them! That said, I’ve got a lot of games left to go, who knows – maybe one of them will make me think differently!

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