Itagaki New Title Revealed – Devil’s Third!


Outspoken developer (and moron) Itagaki has announced his first game since leaving Team Ninja. With newly formed Valhalla studio’s Itagaki announced the Devil’s Third. From the trailer it looks to a over the top third person action game with guns as well as swords. In most cases this would sound shit (see WET for details) but Itagaki knows how to make an action game that feels right. The only real surprise here is that this a multi-platform title – on PS3 and 360. After all the Xbox Fanboyism he showed with Ninja Gaiden 2 – Itagaki making a game for PS3 is strange alright and we can only hope that it’s a decent port and not another Bayonetta pile of crap. Also – don’t get too excited about this – Itagaki mentions that it’s gonna be at least two years until this games sees a release. Ouch!


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