The Pixie Post: MCM London Expo 29th-30th May 2010

Well here it is the first ever Pixie Post… awesomeness!  At the end of May I attended the MCM London Expo, the first one of the year.  The aim of the day was to totally geek out but in a stroke of minor genius I suggested to our fearless leaders about doing a little site plugging and research while I was there.  So armed with a big DPD logo and a camera I was on a mission to find as many game themed cosplayers as I could and get them to fly the DPD flag.

As ever the cosplay faithful were out in force putting the rest of us to shame, I was kind of regretting not pulling out my Lara costume for the occasion!  Now, unfortunately the day didn’t get off to a good start, I wasn’t doing very well at the ‘spot the character’ game so I recruited a little a help from some friends of mine who happen to be some awesome gaming veterans.  Bit by bit between us we found people all more than willing to get involved and strike a pose.  We even found some little gamers who obviously could see that I was just too cool and they wanted to be part of the DPD in crowd! Hehe…  don’t forget to check out the all cool pictures we collected not only here but on the Facebook group aswell!

With all the MCM Expo’s we’ve come to expect some good game previews on display and play, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed!  First up was Techmo’s “Quantum Theory”, previewed here on PS3.  I’m not the greatest fan of third person shooters but I must say I found myself totally engrossed in the beautiful graphics and wouldn’t mind giving it a try when it is released later in the summer. This game will also be available on Xbox 360.

I also found a little mini tournament in progress on Xbox 360 for Warriors Orochi 2.  Sadly this didn’t seem too popular but I did find some faithful gamers giving it go.  I watched them play for a while but from what I could see the game failed to engross my attention and I couldn’t really see why there was a tournament going on.

Nintendo were out in style showing off with their huge “Nintendo Unleashed” display.  On show were loads of games on the brink of release or already released but still really popular.  One of these was “No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle” on the Wii that was actually released the day before.  The usual suspects were “Monster Hunter Tri”, the “Professor Layton” series and “Super Mario Galaxy 2”.  Everything here was very glossy and a “look what we have” statement, for people who are not into Nintendo this would have been the seventh level of hell with reps in your face the whole time; but I thought it was great because I like Nintendo hehe!  Also on show were posters and banners for the new… wait for it… Professor Layton movie! Yes ladies and gentlemen, they’ve made the movie; “Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva”.  Due for release in the UK in September 2010.

One area that had no problem drawing in the crowds was “Transformers: War For Cybertron”.  This is very much following in the footsteps of the new “AVP” where you can choose your side (Autobot or Decepticon) and play both campaigns solo or co-operatively.  The third person action shooter will no doubt make its money when it is released at the end of June especially being so widely available over most formats.  The game is set before the Transformers came to Earth, which is interesting creatively as now we get to see some beautiful landscaping, and believe me things are looking pretty sweet (even if there is a war on!).

All in all a good day, and the best Expo yet!  The next date on the Calendar is LonCon on July 18th and once again I will be out flying the DPD flag, hopefully next time get some famous faces in on the mix (with any luck).  Don’t forget to check out all the pictures from the Expo!  Stay beautiful xXx

(Click on the pics for an enlarged version)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. dantelockload says:

    Congrats of the first post miss pixie 😀 some of the costumes there are awesome! especially the zelda wolf 😀

  2. beer_bart says:

    Great blog!

    As I haven’t met anyone of you guys, I have one question. Are there any DPD’s on the pics above??

  3. Dave Bickerstaffe says:

    Well done Angel…

  4. PixieChick says:

    the man pic is lil old me, and the boys with the alien and predator are my awesome assistants, but apart from that all the pics are of people at the expo 🙂 xXx

  5. PixieChick says:

    haha i meant “main pic…” oh dear :S

  6. Dr Wo says:

    Yeah we went on Saturday and muchos grandes fun was had, forgot the camera though so seeing Heihachi again is good times. Crazy people… full on GunDam cosplay, her friends had to feed her.

    I was dissappointed by the games line up, quantum really? Fist of the North Star rolling demo , Transformers 3, Shrek Forever After, it just seemed from the big 3 only Ninty mustered enough to pass as token effort and a lot, a lot is offered to commercial space, this was my first one had been trying for 4/5 times to go but work got in the way and maybe I hyped it up in my own head, it would have been all worth while though if we could have seen the CosPlayers European QF but only 800 tickets to that were issued, wait a mo doesnt this ticket to this expo allow me to sit in the audience for this Cosplay thing? “No you need another ticket.”

    However it needs to be seen, just so many cosplayers in the same place is great, spot the character is the staple game for the day, it was great times all round and bejesus everyone was so friendly, but I suppose thats what happens when like minded peps come together.

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