No Place Like Home: Socom Opposing Forces


Socom Space 004

The SOCOM Opposing Forces space opened up a while back in the US and more recently in Europe. It is a great space, not only because it looks absolutely fantastic and runs a lot smoother than the older SOCOM space, but it also introduces a new idea to HOME. The Space has a mini game that requires the player to take apart and put together an AK-47 as quick as you can (if you’re really hardcore, you should be able to do this blindfolded). It’s a fun little mini game; it takes a fair bit of practice to get really good at it and rewards you with a t shirt with an AK strapped to its back.

Socom Space 001

But the real attraction is the pieces of a Gold AK-47 spread around between the two SOCOM spaces. Find all seven of these and you can start a minigame to put it together in much the same way as you do the regular AK. The difference being, once you do it under a certain time limit, you get the Golden AK-47 as a reward in SOCOM:Confrontation. It’s a great little crossover between the Virtual playground of HOME and a full hardcore game like SOCOM; and hopefully will give developers ideas in the future for such promotional items.

The other draw of the space is a groovy little mini-game called Five Finger Fillet. It’s basically the game where you try to strike the gaps between your fingers rapidly with a knife (Read: What Lance Henrikson does with Bill Paxton near the start of Aliens) It’s a great ‘one-more-go’ sort of mini-game and then kind that makes me wish it was possible to have this mini-game in your personal space.My score topped out at 40 hits, see what you can do. Finally we have the Item store, run by an NPC soldier near the entrance. From here you can buy military clothing and racks with guns on them that you can display in your personal space. Nothing special, but nice if you’re a fan of the series. Head into the forums if you wanna see some more shots of the place.

Socom Space 005


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  1. dantelockload says:

    Awesome idea, i’m all for interactivity and unlocking extras for games in home 😀 i really hope more developers catch onto this and run with it like to the moon run with it!

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