Crackdown 2! Inside the toy box

I loved Crackdown! One of the best co-op / ‘super’cop games i have ever had the pleasure of playing. So It goes without saying that i am very much hyped for Crackdown 2!

As you can see from the developers video there are a host of new ‘toys’ to play with. The one im most interested being the new magnets system. I don’t know if its just me but being able to make a magnetic catapult with a articulated lorry and launching it across the level (hopefully into a mutated member of Pacific City) has me more than a little bit excited!

I laugh in the face of those science teachers who said I would never achieve anything by just playing around with magnets all lesson HA!

Crackdown 2 is set for UK release on the 9th of July ( Jumps up and down like a little school girl ).


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