E3 is quickly approaching and rumours of new consoles are in abundance!…..

Must like this one here, a possible succesor to the PSP. This screen shot looks a little too polished for me if honest especially for a console thats not supposed to exsist. That being said i like the idea of a second anolog stick and a slide screen.

What’s your opinion ? do you think thee will be a PSP2 ? do you want a PSP2? what would you like its functionalities to be ?


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  1. DeadmanXIII says:

    Personally I want Backwards compatability with all my downloaded psn content, Sub £100 price point, and decent games for the thing

  2. Haify says:

    That picture has been around for years haha it all ways pops up when there is word of psp2 woo!

    A psp2 would be nice if it brings tones more of features and improves game play which the psp go should of done but that just turned into the biggest let down from sony.

  3. valaysir says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, but PSP really isn’t for you guys. People in the west just want quick fix Iphone style apps and mini’s. Japan is quite happy with the PSP and I am inclined to agree – perhaps its the prevelance of a certain type of public transport system that decides? Whatever the case, the PSP has had lots of brilliant AAA titles – I’ve got more brilliant games on PSP than I have on X360. Everyone always cheers at the arrival of a great new game and then instantly forgets it as if it no longer exists. Take a look through PSP’s back catalogue and there is a wealth of amazing titles – usually far better than most of the dredg on DS.

  4. AdequateJohnson says:

    I’d like to see them put a half decent media player in the one I’ve got, but mostly I want them to get more games on PSN.
    I agree with Valaysir, there are some fantastic games out but a lot of them go from Japan to the US and stop there (I assume a lot more don’t even leave Japan). If releasing a PSP2 sorts out all the piracy bollocks and gets publishers interested in releasing more games then I’m all for it.

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