DPD: Community Games Announced


Listeners to DPDcast 8 will already know about the launch of our new Community Games Project but we thought we would OFFICIALLY share the details of it with everyone.

In an effort to get everyone playing together, regardless of specific times and dates we have come up with a possible solution. Rather than limit ourselves to Gaming ‘Nights’ we are having game MONTHS!

Every month we will select a fresh game for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. We will always select something available at a reasonable price, for both systems.

It allows everyone time to buy the game or dig it out of their back catalog. Try out something new without being branded a Noob or revist an old favorite with new friends.

Then rather than be online on a certain date at a certain time, you know that you can hit up a fellow community member and get a game going.

This Month’s picks are Little Big Planet on PS3 and Forza 3 on 360.

Make suggestions for future games, and arrange events over on the forums. But most of all ENJOY!

EDIT: Yes, i am aware that the image is pants, and if somebody wants to make up a Community Game image for us, PLEASE feel free!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. dantelockload says:

    props to deadman for the image šŸ™‚ i dont think we need another one. Ill do the one for next month and sort that photoshop out for ya šŸ˜€

  2. PixieChick says:

    oh man might need to hijack someones ps3 so i can play little big planet! i love that game!

  3. deadmanxiii says:


  4. serenity 1001 says:

    c64 was not a console dante!!!!

  5. serenity 1001 says:

    Can’t post on forum by the look of things its not android friendly for the Google g1 conformation code don’t appear! !

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