The DPDcast Super Street Fighter 4 Special!!

The DPDcast Super Street Fighter 4 Special Alpha 3 Max EX plus Super Fighters vs Capcom turbo Championship edition is here! Catchy tittle huh!?…….

But seriously we have taken all our street fighter talk and placed it in this Super Podcast in an “attempt” to keep the normal DPDcasts Street Fighter free :D.

We hope you like the show and if you don’t like street fighter well maybe this will help sway you?

As always direct download is up now and can be found on the podcast page or HERE 😀 and will be on the Itunes tonight/tomorrow :).

Thanks for the continued support and make sure to listen till the end for the “battle of the century!”. Please keep the reviews coming in and make sure you check out the Forums for fun and more info on multilayer events.

Oh and btw yes that is rob and here is the proof 😀

we hope to see everyone too for Shoryuken Sundays! starting this week 😀


5 Comments Add yours

  1. deadmanxiii says:

    i AM the Red Cyclone!

  2. dantelockload says:

    lol! yes ………yes you are 😀

  3. Haify says:

    People must be scared when they come into the shop ;o

  4. Onimushaclan says:

    lol i dunno why i love his mohawk

  5. deadmanxiii says:

    I really need to crop that image down for my forum avatar!

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